The legendary tattoo family – now in Serbia! We are the professionals in our field. All of the styles, the best pigments from leading producers, sterility, modern equipment, individual approach and reasonable prices – just for you. From Saint Petersburg, with love.


from 5000 RSD
Correction of the tattoo made in our studio
from 3000 RSD
Covering an old/bad quality tattoo with a new one
from 10000 RSD
Drawing a personal tattoo sketch based on your wishes
from 5000 RSD
Suprasorb healing wrap (10x10 cm)
500 RSD
Tattoo numbing cream 10g
from 5000 RSD


How much will my tattoo cost?
What is the price of the first tattoo correction?
When the correction is needed and why?
I would love to have a tattoo, but my pain tolerance is very low. What should I do?
Beograd, 11000, Rajiceva 22
+381 64 2250022
Novi Sad, 21000, Safarikova 33
+381 64 4331133

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