Queen of needles

When I was a kid, my favorite game was creating “jewelry” from beads and pins… And then this small hobby turned to be something very special.
I’ve been trying out many different activities to find “that one” – my passion. During that time I realized that the most joy I experience while working with people and creating beautiful things for them.
In 2010 I finished my first cource called “Piercing”, in 2016 I bought a tattoo machine. My first client was my mom 😅
There is no limit for professionalism, so I am still learning new things about art of piercing and tattooing, falling in love with my job every day. Helping people to make their dreams come true is so inspiring!

Beograd, 11000, Rajiceva 22
+381 64 2250022
Novi Sad, 21000, Safarikova 33
+381 64 4331133

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