Gift Certificate

Welcome, and please accept our congratulations! There is great news for you, you have a magical discount certificate that you can use for tattoo and piercing services. If you have been dreaming about a new tattoo or additional piercings on your body for a long time, now you have a chance to save money. Just drop by our studio and present this certificate and tell the story. With the selection of a sketch and a place, we will definitely help!)) We are specialists)


The certificate is valid only for services, and not for the purchase of goods or merchandise.

The amount of the certificate should not exceed 20% of the cost of the service (the cost of a tattoo or piercing is 12 000 dinars, and a certificate for 3 000 dinars, so the certificate is used up by 100% and in total you will pay 9 000 dinars. If the service cost 5 000 dinars, then a discount will be 1500 dinars).

The discount can only be used once.

There is no cash refund or money transfer for the certificate, as it is a promotion of our salon, and actual money was not paid for it.

The certificate is personal, and not transferable to third parties.

The validity period of the certificate is indicated on the certificate itself, and it is limited.

Certificates are not cumulative.


Happy style update!

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